Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Shower

My owners went to their baby shower yesterday... how rude they never had a doggy shower. Oh well.

Here are some pictures:

The home (mansion?!) where the baby shower was held. It was huge! 8 bathrooms and lost count of the bedrooms!

Here is the man (son?) of the house, David.

His lovely wife Aideen was co-hostess of the shower, and she made this awesome diaper cake!

Jason, on a mission to win the pacifier game. You couldn't say the words "baby" or "shower" or "boy" hehe.

Opening the gifts:

Onesies galore!:

Laughing at the poncho for emergency "Code Yellows"... typical Doctor joke!

The lovely lady on the right was the other co-hostess Khlarisse. She did an amazing job coordinating... from the cupcakes, diaper cake, balloons and gift bags, everything was baby blue and espresso brown. The baby nursery colors!


Here is a picture of everyone...minus a few people:

The gifts... minus a few:

Taking home the balloons at the end:

I wasn't invited to the shower... so while everyone was out, this is what I did. Just hung out with my best friend Ralphie.

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