Sunday, April 29, 2007

Open House!

We're having our first open house today!!

We made sure we had fresh flowers:

A big sign with balloons:

Freshly baked cookies:

Nothing left to do but wait!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Otters holding hands

This is sooo cute!

Funniest ad ever

This product must have been created by a cat hater:

At least it's cheap :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Home for Sale

So we've listed our house for sale! Here are some pictures:

A cool satellite photo of our home:

Our beautiful home from the outside:

Our cheery kitchen:

Our lovely living room... taken at Christmas heehee:

And here's our dining room:

Anyone interested in our home, please contact my owners :)

And finally... a picture of MY home:

But sorry, my home isn't for sale :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sign on the dotted line

My owner had a funny day. She was looking through her student's spelling book and she noticed that the "parent" signature on one of the tests looked different. Here's how her conversation went from there:

"Hmm, Joseph your mom's signature looks a little odd here..."


"You see... tests #1 and #4 were signed by your mom in cursive writing but tests #2 and #3 - the tests that you failed - were signed differently. It actually looks like your handwriting."

"Oh... umm, my dad signed those tests because my mom was tired."

"Well why didn't he just sign his name on them?"


"Why did he write your mom's name instead of writing his own name?"

"Yeah my dad, uhh he..."

"Okay next time I want you to tell your dad or grandma or whoever signs your test to sign his or her OWN name."


"And I want your mom to re-sign tests #2 and #3 tonight and you need to show me them tomorrow."

(Silence... looking a little nervous...)

"Annnd I'm going to put some clear scotch tape on these two signatures so that nothing happens to them on the way home... and your mom can sign next to them."

(Silence... starting to tremble...)

"Annnnnnd I'm going to call your mom to tell her about our little conversation so she knows to look for your spelling book when you get home."


"Alright then, you may head back to class. Have a great day!" :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Doggone Friends

Here are some pictures of my furry friends:

This is Rudy. He is the most loyal dog I know!

Here I am with Teddy. I was a little snappy when I first met him...

But we patched things up.

A group picture of Rudy, Teddy and me.

My owners really liked this dog! He's a Japanese Shiba Inu.

Here I am with a cute puppy. He was really cute!

This is Magellen.

As you can see, I am about the size of her head!

And lastly, here I am snoozing on my buddy Ralph.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My owners and I went hiking with some friends to a daffodil field last weekend.
Here are some pictures:

Here I am posing as Queen of the daffodils:

A giant daffodil behind me...

Wow, so many different kinds!

My Auntie Janie & Uncle Paul...

Auntie Janie, my owner, Auntie Kar-Yee:

The Kim family in a beautiful sea of yellow:

She's baaaack!

My owner is back from Florida! We went to the airport to pick her up with flowers and chocolates (dark chocolate dipped Altoids) and my dad even tied a bright pink bow in my hair :)

My owner said that she had a nice time but was glad to be home.

Her trip started off by taking a red-eye flight to Orlando, FL with a stop-over in Atlanta, GA. She was concerned about making her connection because she only had a 30 min. layover and the airline she was flying on wasn't exactly notorious for being punctual. When she explained her predicament to the agent, they moved her to first-class so she could be the first one off the plane and rush to her gate. My owner was pretty happy about that.

When she finally arrived in Orlando, she met her Realtor who drove her around and showed her dozens and dozens of homes. Here are the pictures of the ones that she liked:

We'll keep you posted!
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