Wednesday, April 04, 2007

She's baaaack!

My owner is back from Florida! We went to the airport to pick her up with flowers and chocolates (dark chocolate dipped Altoids) and my dad even tied a bright pink bow in my hair :)

My owner said that she had a nice time but was glad to be home.

Her trip started off by taking a red-eye flight to Orlando, FL with a stop-over in Atlanta, GA. She was concerned about making her connection because she only had a 30 min. layover and the airline she was flying on wasn't exactly notorious for being punctual. When she explained her predicament to the agent, they moved her to first-class so she could be the first one off the plane and rush to her gate. My owner was pretty happy about that.

When she finally arrived in Orlando, she met her Realtor who drove her around and showed her dozens and dozens of homes. Here are the pictures of the ones that she liked:

We'll keep you posted!

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