Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Magic Kingdom

My parents went to Disney World over the weekend.

Waiting for the parade:

The Korean characters at "It's a small world..." :)

Cinderella's castle all lit up:


I couldn't go so I went to my favorite dogsitter's home - Janelle's!

Still, I was a little bummed... I love Mickey :(


Joelle said...

I went to Disney once when I was 2 yrs old. There are a couple of things I distinctly remember:
1. Being scared to death of Mickey and Minnie.
2. Enjoying a Christmas pageant a LOT.

Gloria Hwang said...

You guys sure do get out! Susie, you look perfect with those minni ears! Beautiful pics of the castle. Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

love your pictures

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