Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brother from another mother

Guess what? I got a little brother! His name is Nano and he's 11 weeks old.
Can you see where he got his name?

Yup, he's the size of my owner's nano! Nano is a teacup chihuahua and he only weighs 10 oz.

The thing is, I don't like him so much. He's always chasing me, trying to eat my food and bite my tail.

Here he is, getting ready to pounce on me again. He's so annoying:

Here's a pic of the first day we brought him home. As you can see, I don't look too thrilled:

My owner tried to make us play together but I refused:

I even crawled on to my owner's neck to get away from him:

I prefer to watch Nano from a distance...

And if he gets too close:

I move further away:

Well the good news is, if we continue to not get along, my owners have said they'll find Nano a new home.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I'm sure they'll learn to get along soon. It takes Lucy a few weeks to learn to live with any new dog but then she's fine with them. :) Hang in there Miso!

Jason & Janelle Shives said...

Too bad about Nano. He looks like a cute dog. I guess miso was having older child syndrome. Miso looks cuter by herself, I think Nano was challenging the her cuteness title.

Anonymous said...

Nano is the cutest little dog I ever saw, how can I get one like her?? I have been waiting since I lost my Midgie back in 1968 to find another one like her!!! This comes from Ronald & Tiffany's MOM in Canada

Gloria Hwang said...

ohhh myyy that is one tiny dog sooo cute, sorry you had to give him away. jealous Miso, what r u gonna do when u have children?!

janie and paul =) said... actually got another dog!!! so sad that you had to give it away. =( miso miso...always the prissy little "only child"...errr..."only dog." =)

Anonymous said...

OMG! your dog is so small!!! but adorable! i'd be so afraid to loose it!

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