Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Big Move - II

My owners made me a seat between them so I'd be comfy over the next 3 days:

We saw many sights along our journey to Florida...
Hundreds of windmills in California:

Then a desert:

Cactus in Arizona:

Then another desert:

Drove through New Mexico in the dark...
And then we saw red highways in Texas:

An oil refinery in Louisiana:

Marshes and wetlands in Mississippi:

And finally... Florida!

How fitting... my owners saw an alligator cloud as soon as they crossed the state line:

And then they saw Aladdin on his magic carpet:

While my owners played these types of games as they drove, here is what I did over the 3 days:


Gloria Hwang said...

Hey Susie and Eli,

I'm so glad you got there safe and sound!!! Loved the pictures you posted, thanks for sharing with us. Ofcourse you will not find as good friends as you had here ;) but there's no doubt you will make wonderful friends there in Florida very quickly. :(Miss you lots. Hope to see you on the lay over in Miami! :) Lots of hug, G-Lo

Anonymous said...

hehe, I love how Miso seems to smile a little in her pictures! Glad the move went all right. :)

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